Healing With 2016

2016 was big for me;

2016 was full of so many different emotions, life lessons, and out of this world experiences. I say out of this world but honestly, they all happened within me. 2016 broke me, it pushed me down and then it took me by the hand and helped me back up. 2016 led me down a dark and unknown path; it let me get lost in the mysteries of the universe and then it showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. 2016 started with heartache and loss, and then it brought me new love and new beginnings. But you see; the biggest lesson that 2016 taught me is that no matter what challenges you’re faced with, they are happening to you for a reason. They are happening to you because they are supposed to be happening to you. The challenges you face are not here to punish you or to destroy you, they are here to challenge you, help you grow and push past negativity.

I was so convinced for all this time that I would live this mundane life, filled with loving people and a great family, sure… But I wanted something more. I wanted something so far out of reach that I didn’t even know what it was I yearned for. My whole life I’ve felt out of place, on a different wave length. But I didn’t know why. I never knew what it was in the back of my head that hungered for madness, for discovery, for more… I found myself over the years studying the afterlife, where do we go when we die? What happens to us? I couldn’t walk this earth without knowing there’s something more out there. But over the past year I’ve dove head first into this topic, into the unknown. I’ve seen psychics, I’ve studied their ways. I’ve taught myself the art of tarot, I’ve read numerous books on angel therapy, on how to receive messages from the other side. I’ve been completely blown away by the art of numerology; I’ve taught myself the art of astrology, relative positions of celestial bodies. I’ve learned the difference between looking at the stars and looking into the stars to see what the universe has in store for me. I’ve studied dream interpretations, started more journals than i even know what to do with. i found myself obsessed over these topics.

  • Through all of this studying and practicing I’ve learned how to use the positioning of our planets, to better myself and remind myself, that through every struggle leads to a new chapter of self discovery. I’ve learned to let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve me. This hasn’t been an easy process though. I’ve had to dive deep into my past, and deep within my soul to figure out what it is, that I needed to confront and face in order to move forward on a positive and uplifting path.

I’ve had to invite the monsters out from under my bed and more importantly, the ones in my head, to come out and play. I had to make peace with every part of whom I am and who I aspire to be. It took many nights of being alone, with nothing but a pen and paper, it took alienation. Some nights were darker than others and some nights were just plain magical.

  • The process of healing is just that; a process. But what we benefit from learning about ourselves is so much greater than we can imagine. It’s what we’re here for. It’s what we were born to do. I asked my psychic what she sees for my future when reading me. She smiled and said; “Creating something beyond your wildest imagination, from all the pain you’ve experienced.” That was the highlighting moment of my 2016. That was the moment I knew all of the work I’ve put in, was finally going to pay off. That’s the moment i knew God had a plan when he threw me so many curve balls over the years.

Healing is about perspective and how you choose to see things. It’s about silencing the mind and opening the heart. It’s about letting go and accepting new blessings. Healing is about losing yourself in order to find yourself. Healing is about finding your own happiness and never letting one person or one bad experience take that happiness away. It’s coming out of the darkness and seeing the world in a brand new light.

  • No, it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and dedication. It takes believing in yourself and talking to God every step of the way. It takes faith and forgiveness, putting your ego aside and realizing we are all on different paths in life. Some paths may be longer than others, some might have more forks in the road but were all traveling in the same direction and reaching for the same destination; happiness.

So I hope you find your happiness in 2017 and every year after that- I hope you reach into your heart and love with every ounce you have. & I hope you chase your dreams no matter how far out of reach they may seem. And overall I hope you find magic.

Happy new year yall- its going to be beautiful.


One thought on “Healing With 2016

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