Maybe that makes me driftwood…

Stop calling yourself a failure. There are planets and stars in your eyes, and there are fires and oceans in your veins. your head is a forest, your heart is a meadow, and you my child.. you are a work of art.”

Its funny how people can make you feel less of a person, less of a human, less of yourself. we spend so much time looking to others for acceptance that we forget God is the only one who can judge us…

I’ve been labeled many things; a tornado, a mistake, a mess and a blessing. but why do these labels put such an imprint into our minds? into our hearts… its bizarre to me that we come into this walking life not knowing much of anything… we watch the way the world spins around us and we copy. that’s what we do. we copy.

We copy our mom saying “mama” we copy our dad saying “dada” we copy Elmo singing the alphabet and we copy barney saying “I love you.” we copy all these things and call it “learning.” and if you don’t learn these things in a timely manner your labeled. your labeled; slow, dumb, off beat…stupid.

Well, I’ve been off beat my entire life. I’ve also been labeled my entire life; by people who measure up to no one better than myself. and ill admit it- I label these people as well. i label them,”bullies.” these are people who told me I would never go anywhere in life, I would never make anything of myself, I would never be taken seriously. I would always be a failure…

I laugh to myself now every time I think about it. as I watch through tiny squares on social media; at the reality of these “bullies” and how I once believed them when they told me I was nothing. because I am everything. I am everything God needs me to be, i am everything the universe calls upon me. I am everything to everyone who matters in my life.

We should never listen to another persons opinion, we should never play by the rules, we should never copy another persons way of life, and we should never try to march to anyone else’s beat but our own. I’ve spent my entire life being misunderstood, mistreated and judged. but one things for certain… i am who i am; and I’ve never apologized for that. and maybe that makes me driftwood… but maybe; that makes me my own person. for who wants to be anchored to anything?


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